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Bus Spray Booth BY-15-5

Bus spray booth is mainly used for the painting of bus, train, airplane, etc. the space is larger than other standard barn. This truck spray booth ventilated through the trench and air flows from the top of the house to the bottom. This kind of China truck spray booth is convenient for use and offers good working environment for workers. The indoor paint temperature is balanced and paint effects are excellent.

Features of Bus Spray Booth

1. 0.476mm color steel with rock wool inside for wall panel
2. turbo fan, with air capacity of 25000m³/h
3. Pneumatic damper for spraying baking circle.
4. All panels of bus spray booth are tongue and groove interlock structure
5. Industry-leading light levels
6. Spray booth specific, dual voltage 58-watt light fixtures
7. This China truck spray booth includes installation instructions, fan, motor & drive, fasteners, hardware, and sealant necessary for assembly.
8. Control panel and other electric components can be purchased separately
9. The following spare parts of bus spray booth are optional: Heat recovery system, PLC control system, Siemens motor, Siemens electric component, Rock wool panel, PU panel and LED lights.

Working process of China Truck Spray Booth

During painting, outside fresh air comes into the heating generators through the pre-filter system. Then it enters into the plenum, filtered by ceiling filter and enters into the booth. This brings clean, symmetrical and steady-going down airflow for spraying. After painting, hot air goes from heating generators to plenum, and then enters room after filtered by ceiling filter. The air of bus spray booth provides necessary heat for baking car’s surface. Afterwards, the air with little benzene will be released to the atmosphere after being filtered twice by the exhaust air filter.

Parameters of China Truck Spray Booth

Inside dimension
15000×5000×5000 mm (L×W×H)
Outside dimension
15144×6896×5600 mm(L×W×H)
2 rows of pits in the ground for outlet, dimension of each pit is 13850×760mm (L×W), with galvanized grilles made by twisted steel and flat bar above.
Front door
Folding door, 4-folds, 4000×4500mm (W×H), galvanized steel frame, with polystyrene (EPS) inside, color: blue.
Emergency door
2 units, 800×2000 mm (WXH), color: white.
Room body
Profiled bar beams in the roof to strengthen the room body; wall panel thickness:70mm, width:1150mm, tongue and groove structure, 0.476mm color steel with polystyrene(EPS) insulation inside, color: white.
Light system
Ceiling Lights: 18Units×4Pcs=72Pcs×36W, Side Lights: 22Units×4Pcs=88Pcs×36W, up and down interleaving installation, with electronic ballasts.
Generator cabinet
Intake from side upper, exhaust from back upper, quadrate steel frame, outside is white coated steel, inside is galvanized steel, filled with heat preservation material inside.
Intake and exhaust system(2 sets)
Inlet: 2 sets, in total 4×7.5KW double-intake centrifugal fans, model YDW4.5M, air capacity is 21000m3/h for each fan;
Outlet: 2×11KW double-intake centrifugal fans, with motor outside, belt-drive, model TAE-710H; air capacity is 36000m3/h for each fan. Equip manual dampers for exhaust.
Heating system(2 sets)
2 units RIELLO RG5S diesel burners, heating productivity: 520000 Kcal/h, stainless steel heat exchanger, pneumatic dampers actuate from spraying to baking cycle.
Purification system
Pre-filter, high efficiency filter (ceiling filter), exhaust fiberglass filter, activated carbon filter.
50mm thick EPS heat preservation panels.
Control system
Spraying, heat spraying, baking, time setting, lighting switch, failure indicator, thermostat, power supply switch, emergency stop, ampere meter, voltmeter, hours meter, temperature limit controller, pressure gauge. Exhaust star-delta motor start.
Total power
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