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Heating Burner

Mix gas or oil with air together in certain proportion, and put them into heating burner with certain speed. The China heat burners are equipped with automatic lighting, lighting supervision and automatic adjustment devices. The heat burners are the key equipment in oil and gas industrial furnaces.
The burner can be divided into oil heating burner, gas heat burner and double fuel heating burner. Oil heat burner is mainly composed of oil nozzle and air registers. The gas heating burner is mainly composed of gas nozzle and air registers or nozzle and registers.

Advantages of Heating Burner

1. The naphtha burner can save energy and is zero pollution to the environment.
2. The matched heating exchange is welded with anti-high-temperature stainless plates.
3. The heating exchange rate of China heat burners can reach to no less than 85% with the scientific design and manufacturing.
4. It has effective large heating exchange square, high heating efficiency, safe and reliable performance.

Features of Heating Burner

1. Integrated burner and aluminum housing.
2. The sliding flange makes the burner nozzle more accurate.
3. Sophisticated burner nozzle design optimizes the burning condition.
4. Electric device of the China heat burners control the whole program and guarantee its safety.

Parameters of Heating Burner

Heating productivity
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