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Lighting Box

Light tubes fixtures are mainly used for lighting. Every light tube fixture is made of single lamps and the single lamp can work independently. It has delicate appearance and its main components are from Philips. The fluorescent light fixture is equipped with vents and special mounting accessories which can be installed and changed easily. It is widely used for lighting in workshops and equipments like cars, motorcycles, engineering, mechanics and electronic appliances.
LED light is optional.

Features of Light Tubes Fixtures

1. The fluorescent light fixture can save more than 70% energy than normal fluorescent lamp.
2. Removable &rotatable end cap, single-ended power input
3. Special structure design with excellent heat dissipation, 120 viewing angle.
4. 50000 hour lifespan
5. Easy installation
6. No UV light, no flicker, no mercury, environmentally friendly

Advantages of Light Tubes Fixtures

Lighting system of fluorescent light fixture includes a right and left single control switches which can keep zero shadow for painting.
It adopts Philip lamps and specialized designed electronic ballast.
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