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Prep Station BY-20

The car painting prep station draws fresh air from the cleaner upper levels of the shop through a pressurization fan. This air is forced down into the prep station through a filter bank located in the ceiling near the entry. The air is drawn from the prep station work area into a filtered exhaust plenum at the opposite end and exhausted to the atmosphere through the exhaust fan and stack.
This design allows for easy addition of a heated air makeup unit. Panels, assembly hardware, filters and sealants needed for mechanical installation are included. The back side of portable paint prep station is equipped with 50mm EPS wallboard and the other three sides with PVC curtains. Besides that, the intake and exhaust stack, control panel and other electrical components of car painting prep station can be purchased separately. The portable paint prep station is mainly used for auto or other machine polishing and painting.

Features of Car Painting Prep Station

No basement, 2 rows of pits in the ground for outlet. It has galvanized grilles made by flat bar and twisted steel.
The following spare parts of portable paint prep station are optional: infrared lamp; heating system; full grilles basement, recovery system, Siemens motor and Siemens electric components.

Parameters of Car Painting Prep Station

Outside Dimension
Inside Dimension
Plenum Dimension
No basement, 2 rows of pits for exhausting
Room Body
Back side with 50mm EPS wallboard, the other 3 sides with PVC curtains
Light System
Ceiling lights 8units×4pcs=32pcs×36W, with electronic ballasts
Generator Cabinet
Exhaust from rear side; square steel frame, galvanized steel cover
Intake and Exhaust System
1 unit 5.5KW double intake centrifugal fan, model YDW-4.5S, air capacity: 15500 m 3/h, electric damper for exhausting
Purification System
Pre-filter, high efficiency filter, exhaust fiberglass filter
Galvanized steel plates
Control System
Fan operation switch, lighting switch, emergency stop
Install Way
Suspending steel hook from roof of building or steel column supporting
Total Power
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