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Water Curtain Spray Booth

Water curtain spray booth is mainly used for the waste gas treatment for painting rooms. After several layers of water curtains, painting particles in the air will fall down and the air become clean. This process can improve the appearance of the products as well as protect the environment. As a kind of safe, reliable and environmental friendly device, our China water curtain spraying booth is easily operated and has reliable performance.


1. Water curtain of water curtain spray booth collects the paint gas, no pollution for atmosphere.
2. The wall panel has 0.476mm color steel with rock wool inside.
3. Quality axial flow fan, with air capacity of 24500m³/h
4. 1.5mm stainless steel for water curtain
5. The water curtain spray booth includes installation instructions, fan, motor & drive, fasteners, hardware, and necessary sealant for assembly.
6. Control panel and other electric components of China water curtain spraying booth can be purchased separately.
7. the following spare parts are optional: room body and heating system.


Water Curtain spray booth use water curtain to collect paint gas. During painting process, the motor in water curtain works and draws the exhaust gas in the spray booth. After being filtered many times, the exhaust water drop into a water tank. This way won’t pollute the atmosphere outside. Besides that, it is easy operation and safe. This China water curtain spraying booth is an environment friendly and ideal device for you.

Parameters of Water Curtain Spray Booth

Water curtain specification
Detailed Specification
Outside dimension
4000mm×1250mm×2300mm (L×W×H)
Exhaust fan
2 pcs Axial flow fans, model:SF7G-4,power:3KW,air capacity:24500m3/h
Water curtain
1.5mm stainless steel
Intake and Exhaust Square duct
Exhaust duct, duct elbow.
Exhaust filter
Water curtain adsorption filter
Water curtain structure
1.5mm stainless steel tank, 0.8mm stainless steel water curtain board.
Water circulation system
Pump model: G50-12.5A, pipe pump, water flow: 21m3/h, water path: 10 meters, power: 1.5KW water pipe: PVC duct.
Control system
Regular relay control, fan switch.
Total power
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