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Woodworking Spray Booth

Woodworking spray booth is used for painting wood products, like furniture, wood handicraft article etc. This type of China woodworking paint booth has reasonable design, good performance and good working environment for workers. It can meet people’s demanding for high quality wood products.

Features of Woodworking Spray Booth

1. No basement, exhaust from rear wall, easy for installation and economic price.
2. All panels of China woodworking paint booth are tongue and groove interlock structure.
3. 0.376mm color steel with EPS inside for wall panel
4. Double intake centrifugal fan for exhaust
5. Air capacity of woodworking spray booth: 20000m³/h.
6. The following spare parts are optional: heating system and intake system.

Parameters of China Woodworking Paint Booth

Inside dimension
6900×3900×2750 mm(L×W×H)
Outside dimension
7000×4000×2800 mm(L×W×H)
Front door
Folding door, 3 folds, 3000×2600 mm(W×H), without frame, color : blue.
Emergency door
1 unit, 650×1800mm (W×H), color: white
Without basement, exhaust from rear side wall
Wall Panels
Wall panels and roof panels are double skinned, tongue and groove structure, thickness:50mm, made by 0.376mm color steel with polystyrene(EPS) inside, color: white.
Ceiling lights: 8units×4pcs=32pcs36W, with electronic ballasts.
Side lights: 6units×4pcs=24pcs18W, with electronic ballasts.
Exhaust System
Exhaust air from rear side wall, 7.5KW, model YDW4.5M, air capacity for each fan: 20000m3/h.
Purification system
Pre-filter, fiber glass filter
Control system
Spraying, lighting switch, power supply switch, emergency stop
Total Power: (KW)
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